oh fuck it’s happening. it’s happening again, fuck you’re all i can think about. it’s 2:53 a.m. and i can’t stop thinking about your hand rubbing on the inside of my thigh.
2:54 i want to taste your cigarette breath, i want to feel your mouth in places that my mother referred to as “inappropriate”
2:55 where are you? are you thinking about me? i’m thinking about you more than ever. get out, get out. don’t you know how much i fucking want you, jesus christ, you are so beautiful, please get out of my fucking mind.
2:57 i would kiss you before i fell asleep and the second i woke up, i can’t handle myself when you look like that, you don’t even try. do you even know how bad i want you?
2:58 i should be asleep, but instead i’ve been thinking about your dreams and your thoughts. i can’t help it, i miss you. i don’t mean to be so clingy but when you told me how beautiful i was i swore to god it was the best night of my life. jesus fucking christ, i shouldn’t care this much but i do.
3:00 i’d bet a thousand girls dream of your hand placed on their neck and your lips on top of theirs, they have no idea, they have no idea that you hate your full name and how moody you get when you’re sleepy. they have no idea how you are when it’s 4:30 in the morning and you’re talking to me about how bad you want me too, they just don’t know.
3:02 i need you here. i can’t take this anymore, your favorite song is on the radio and i’m thinking of you, wake up, come over, i’ll kiss you any place you want, i need you here.
3:03 you’re doing it again, you’re not even talking to me and you’re making my insides warm, jesus fucking christ i’m so lucky. i’m so lucky to you know you, i hope you know that it’s you i think about, oh fuck, it’s happening again, get out.

you’ve been on my mind since the day we met (via horriblys)

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